About me & my little Shop

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Hi i'm Lynn

I'm a self-taught sewist, an inexperienced gardener, a rocking advocate for Reuse, a Zero Waste wanna be, a mom to four grown kids, a 5 year old spoiled pup and a very large red-eared slider and of course...wife to the love of my life. I have a deep love for designing, math and problem solving, all which help me design products with as little waste, fun and functionality. I'm always working to make new usable items or making my current line even better.

Reusables Shop

A line of items (most handmade and designed by me) to help you in your Zero Waste Journey. It all began with some handmade Christmas gifts (Not-Paper Towels) and a new coffee maker given to me (Organic Fabric Coffee Filters).  Reusables-Shop has taken many turns, but never away from it's true mission, Helping You in Your Zero Waste Lifestyle Journey. I run Reusables-Shop as a zero waste company, where nearly everything form fabric to packaging is used up or recycled.